How can users pin a location on Google Maps?

Google Maps is a very important feature right now. It continues to give many features to its users. Along with this, Google Maps also gives you the option to locate the pin. Pinning a location to this one makes it easy to find.

Google Maps

Google Maps recently added several new features including estimated toll prices, real-time traffic conditions. This shows that Google Maps is not just a navigation app, which helps users move from one point to another. One of the special features offered by the app is that the app allows users to drop a location on the map, save it and share it with their friends and family. This feature can be very useful when a particular location is not known or is far from the road network. The Dropping Pin feature is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

How to Pin Location in Google Maps

  1. You can follow these steps to drop a pin location in Google Maps on Android, iOS, and desktop.
  2. First open the Google Maps app
  3. Now long press on the location, after that you will see a red pin at that location
  4. You will see a bunch of options for this location below
  5. You can then start navigating by pressing "Routes", "Start"
  6. Users also have the option to 'save' and 'share' the pin's location to other social media channels including WhatsApp
  7. You can also label this pin location on the app by tapping on the “Labels” option. Then just add the location type (school/university, gym, etc.).

You can save the pin location in three categories: Favorites, Want to Go, and Favorite Places. You can add or remove lists and categories in the app. Apart from that, users can also choose whether these lists are private, public or shared with other users.